The Foundation’s Endowed Scholarship Program

One of the Foundation’s key focus areas is education.  The generosity of donors over the years allows the award of many scholarships that help local (South Eddy County) residents achieve their academic goals.

Traditional Scholarships
These scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors who plan to attend an accredited college, university or vocational school.  Scholarships are available to students pursuing either academic degrees or vocational certifications.  All of these scholarships are made available through high school counselors at local public high schools.  Please contact your high school counselor for information about available scholarships, how to apply and deadlines.

Other Scholarships (non-traditional)
The Foundation also proudly awards scholarships to students who are continuing their studies or perhaps are returning to school after being out of school for a short time or even decades! Scholarships are available for academic or vocational studies. Scholarship availability and the online application may be found on this Page each year during the month of June. Scholarship applications are reviewed and awarded by the end of July.

Scholarship-Related Forms
Missing your forms? For previous scholarship award recipients only, the following generic acceptance form and instruction guide are available.

Scholarship Acceptance Form (For multi-semester or multi-year awards)

How to Obtain Scholarship Funds instruction guide (For multi-semester or multi-year awards)