Scholarship Application

2024 NT Scholarship Application
Applicants are required to agree to the following Terms & Conditions.

  • I am a current or former South Eddy County (Carlsbad, Loving, Otis, Malaga and Queen) resident.
  • The Foundation may request additional information from my school(s) to verify information and may share this application and attachments with others as part of the selection process
  • I am not an immediate family member or direct descendant to any current Foundation Board Member or staff
  • Applying for any scholarship for which I do not meet the minimum criteria or providing false or misleading information may disqualify my entire application
  • Scholarships are awarded at the sole discretion of the Foundation and may be cancelled for failure to demonstrate initial or continued eligibility by deadlines provided in each scholarship packet at the time of award

Applicant Information

Must be a current or former resident of South Eddy County (Carlsbad, Otis, Loving, Malaga or Queen).
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Educational Goals

NOTE: Scholarships that specify a major in a particular field of study require this to be maintained for the duration of the scholarship.
What college, university or vocational school do you plan to attend or are you currently attending?
Note: Scholarships that specify a certain university or school require continued enrollment at that institution for the duration of the scholarship.

Maximum file size: 3MB

Maximum file size: 1MB

Note: If your schedule will not be available prior to the June 30 scholarship application deadline, upload a note or letter (in PDF format) explaining when it will be available, if known. Scholarships may be awarded without the schedule, however, funds will not be distributed without an acceptable schedule on file.
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Note: Essay should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Please check for proper capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Available Scholarships

Minimum requirements are listed following the scholarship name. ONLY apply for scholarships for which you meet the requirements or your entire application may be disqualified from consideration .

Carlsbad Contract Bridge League Scholarship – Special Requirements

Maximum file size: 3MB

Lualyn Educational Scholarship – Special Requirements

What Carlsbad or Loving High School did you graduate from? *