Funds by Category


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Barbara Allen Meyer Living Desert Fund
Benjamin P. Duke Memorial Endowment Fund
Friends of the Living Desert Fund
James C. and Bessie M. Hobson Noah’s Ark Fund

Beautification Fund
Carlsbad Area Arts Association Fund
Carlsbad Arts and Humanities Alliance Fund
Carlsbad Community Chorale Fund
Carlsbad Community Concert Fund
Carlsbad Community Theater
Carlsbad Museum Fund
Edna Carter and Alice Houston Arts & Humanities Memorial Fund
Feezer Fine Arts Acquisition Fund
George and Amy Bond Memorial Public Library Fund
Harvey and WyNola Hicks Fund
Heritage Park Fund
Heritage Preservation Fund
Pecos River Arts Fund
Ralph and Marjorie Roe Library Reserve Fund
Richard and Mary Fielder Carlsbad Public Library Fund
Riverfront Development Fund
Robert and Sarah Jackson Library Fund Public Library Fund
SENM Historical Society Fund
William L. and Ida M. Featherstone Fund
William W. and Christine R. McAdoo Fund

Arch and Neldea Slate Endowment Fund
Burba, Cole, Overstreet, LLC Charity Fund
C.R.M.C. Auxiliary Fund
Charles and Verona Taylor Memorial Fund
Christmas Anonymous Fund
Founders Fund
Harvey and Virginia Fort Fund
Joe and Verna Stell Charitable Fund
Jon Tully and Deanna Taylor Fund
Mike Rosenberg Memorial Fund
Mills Family Fund for the Foundation
Moore Family Charity Memorial Fund
Phyllis C. and Gaylord C. Weaver Fund
Rotary Charity Fund
Skyler M. Garringer Memorial Fund 

Special Projects Fund
Tom and Carol Martin Brittany’s Hope Fund
Tom Wright Fund
Vonetta Lingle Fund
Woman’s Club Fund

Ann Wood Literacy Fund
ATC Shooting Sports Fund 
Brandon Sibley St. Edward School Memorial Fund
Class Act Fund
Claude McCausland Memorial Fund
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Most Memorial Fund

Dr. Neldea Slate for SENMC Fund
Heaton Family Education and Humanities Fund
Jack Perkowski Memorial Fund
Joe Floy Nahm Fund
Leona Thomas Fund for Academic Excellence
Mary M. Walterscheid Memorial Fund
Parks as a Classroom Travel Fund
Phil Van Cleave Natural Sciences Fund
Savanna Sibley Memorial Fund
St. Edward School Tuition Fund
The Morton Family Community Fund 

1st Lt. George “Jorge” W. Hernandez Memorial Scholarship Fund
AFL–CIO Warren “Bud” Hardin – C.M. Norris Memorial Scholarship Fund
Agnes Gaetjens Lieberwirth Memorial Scholarship Fund
American Nuclear Society Scholarship (Non-endowed fund)
Assistance League Scholarship
Bataan Veterans Memorial Scholarship Fund
Beryl Durham AIA Architectural Scholarship Fund
Bill and Ruth Nymeyer Scholarship Fund
Billy Jordan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Boys and Girls Club Auxiliary Scholarship Fund
Brittany Dunn Memorial Scholarship Fund
Brooksie and Richard Donaldson Loving High School Scholarship Fund
Carlsbad Busines Women’s Scholarship 
Candy Bussell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Carlsbad Contract Bridge League Scholarship Fund
Carlsbad Foundation Memorial Scholarship Fund
Carlsbad Humane Society, Inc. Veterinary Scholarship Fund
Cecil and Marty Brininstool Scholarship Fund
Child Conservation League Scholarship Fund
Chili Currier Memorial Scholarship Fund
Class of ’62 Scholarship Fund
Class of ’72 Scholarship Fund
CM and Dorothy Moffatt Memorial Scholarship
Coach Joe and Alyce Willis Memorial Scholarship Fund
Connie Hewitt Memorial Scholarship Fund
David R. Reddy Memorial Scholarship Fund
David Weyerman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dean “Doc” Reynolds Scholarship Fund
Dean P. Nichols ’42 Memorial Scholarship Fund
DeVaney – SECAER Memorial Scholarship Fund
Devon Energy STEM Scholarship Fund
Don and Sarrah Kidd NMSU Scholarship Fund
Donna Umstead Markle Nurse Scholarship Fund
Dorothy M. Schultz Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dowling Family Scholarship Fund
Dr. Lisa Perozynski Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eddy County Contractors Association Fund
Edwin and Nettie Hilbert Memorial Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth (Betsy) A. Feezer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Elks Education Scholarship Fund (Non-endowed Fund)
Epifanio “Epi” Calderon Memorial Loving High School Scholarship Fund
Eva Rasman Lunsford Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund
Extreme Audio – Eric Behan Brewer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Farrell Family Scholarship Fund
F.C. Williamson Rotary Memorial Scholarship
Forni, Click, Landreth Caveman Baseball Scholarship Fund
Helenn – Olive Fine Arts Scholarship Fund
Henry Gutierrez, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Howard Norman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Imogene and Everett Stanley Scholarship Fund
Intrepid Potash Fund
Intrepid Potash Scholarship Fund
Jack H. White, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jan and Chuck Tidwell Tennis Scholarship Fund
J.C. Lunsford Scholarship Fund
Jason Glade Litschke Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jerry R. Sieberg Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jill Norrid Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jim Sams Cavegirl Softball Scholarship Fund
Jim Skinner Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jimmie and Billy Harrison Presbyterian Youth Fund
Jimmie and Gretchen Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund
JoAnna Wills Light Loving High School Scholarship Fund
John M. Kanto Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund
Juanita Wright Memorial Scholarship Fund

Judge David Redford Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kathryn Jaye Sepich Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kelsey Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship Fund
LaHuerta Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship Fund

Leticia Delgado Memorial Scholarship Fund
Leslie Messer Wilson Memorial Scholarship
Leslie Messer Wilson Memorial Scholarship Fund of the Cavern City Rotary Club
Linda Palma Memorial Scholarship Fund
Linnie Davis for the Love of Horses Scholarship Fund
Los Alamos Employee Scholarship (non-endowed fund)
Louis Whitlock Scholarship Fund
Loving High School Scholarship Fund
Lualyn Educational Scholarship Fund
Lucille Heimer Henning Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lynnette Walker Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund
Madison Lee Aves Memorial Scholarship Fund
Margie G. Alexandre Memorial Scholarship Fund
Martin Luther King Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mary Lindley Memorial Scholarship Fund
Matthew Sweatt Memorial Fund
Maurice P. Pardue Loving High School Fund
Michael Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michael Tottenhoff Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michael Waygood Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michael Wilcox Memorial Fund
Mickey and Ralph Bowyer Scholarship Fund
Nagel Boys and Girls Club Scholarship Fund
Nancy Jean Reid Nursing Scholarship Fund
Neal H. Wills Memorial Scholarship Fund
NMSU-C Memorial Trust Scholarship Fund
NMSU Nurse Scholarship
Occidental Endowment Scholarship Fund
Olivia Murray Nichols ’43 Memorial Scholarship Fund
P.R. Leyva Memorial Scholarship Fund
Paul Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Pilot Club Memorial Scholarship Fund
R.E. and Juanita Rose Willis Scholarship Fund
R.T. and Lucille Wright Memorial Scholarship Fund
Richard and Phyllis Schenck Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert M. Light Science Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ronald D. and Janie B. Cox and Family Natural Science Scholarship Fund
Rotary Memorial Scholarship – F.C. Williamson Fund
Rudy and Charldee Sparks Eagle Scout Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sandy Lynn Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sara K. Hanten Memorial Scholarship Fund
Scott Mathews Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sherry Griffin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sidney and LaVerne Bernard Memorial Scholarship Fund
Stanley Siebenthal Memorial Band Scholarship Fund
Stephanie Fioretti Fowler Memorial Scholarship Fund
Stephen Kehrman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Student Nurses – Marie Leone Scholarship Fund
The Spring Scholarship Fund
Tom and Martha McIlvain Vocational Scholarship Fund
URS Washington TRU Solutions Scholarship Fund
Virgil Meek Memorial Baseball Scholarship Fund

William Paul DeVito Memorial Scholarship Fund
Win Van Cleave Scholarship Fund

Allen J. Cohen Memorial Fund
Health Care Initiative Fund
Mental Health Education Fund

Tom and Barbara Donaldson Memorial Nursing Fund

Boys and Girls Club of Carlsbad Fund
Campfire Girls – Girls, Inc. Memorial Fund
CARC, Inc. Fund
Carlsbad Battered Families Shelter Fund
Carlsbad Community Kitchen Fund
Carlsbad Hospice Fund
Deliver-A-Meal – Carlsbad Fund
Dowling Boy Scout Aquatic Camp Fund
Dr. Catherine Armstrong Memorial Fund
E.B. Bullock Family Endowment Fund
Eddy County C.A.S.A. Fund
Edward C. & Catheryne A. Slease Landsun Caring Hands Fund
Elmer Skinner Deliver-A-Meal Fund
Grace House Fund
Hugh M. and Willo Dean Moutray Landsun Homes Memorial Fund
Jane Carwile Skinner Memorial Fund – Assistance League Operation School Bell Fund
Jeanette Wertheim Sparks Memorial Fund
Jonah’s House Fund
Koontz Family CARC, Inc. Fund
Lakeview Christian Home Fund
Landsun Homes Fund
Landsun Homes Caring Hands Fund
Nagel Boys and Girls Capital Fund
Tom Hansen Memorial Fund
United Way of Carlsbad and South Eddy County Fund

Crimestoppers of Eddy County Fund
Eddy County Bar Association Fund
Eddy County Search and Rescue Fund
Emergency Disaster Relief Fund
Jack Knittle Memorial Safety and Educational Fund
Smith, Heady, Sumler Family Memorial Fund

ATC Shooting Sports Fund

John L. Skinner Memorial Little Cavemen Football Fund
River Recreation Center Fund

First United Methodist Church General Fund
Grace Episcopal Church Fund
Hugh M. and Willo Dean Moutray First United Methodist Church Memorial Fund
Methodist Youth Fund

Cavern City Veterans Fund
Sidney and LaVerne Bernard Memorial Carlsbad Veterans Honor Guard Fund


(Short-term funds for designated organization’s discretionary use)
9-1-1 Simulator Fund
American Nuclear Society Scholarship Fund
Armandine Acquisition Fund
Assistance League Fund
Batfest International Fund
Boys and Girls Club Fund

Carlsbad 16th of September Fiestas Fund
Carlsbad Area Art Association Fund
Carlsbad Arts and Humanities Fund
Carlsbad Battered Families Shelter Operating Fund
Carlsbad Community Chorale Fund
Carlsbad Community Kitchen Fund
Carlsbad Early College High School Fund
Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring & Research Center Fund
Carlsbad Fire Department Fireworks Fund
Carlsbad Horseman’s Association Fund
Carlsbad Interfaith Disaster Relief Fund
Carlsbad Leaders of Tomorrow Fund

Carlsbad LifeHouse Fund
Carlsbad Middle School Choir Travel Fund
Carlsbad Neighborhood Parks Fund
Carlsbad Veterans Honor Guard Fund
Carlsbad Wind Symphony 
Carlsbad Youth Sports Complex Fund
Cavern Theater Fund
CDCA Rattlesnake Springs Area Account Fund
Charles and Peggy Cable Fund
Chevron Catalyst Fund 
Christmas Anonymous Fund
CHS Choir Travel Fund
Citizens Offering Police Support Fund
Creative Carlsbad Fund
Desert Willow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Fund
Diabetes Resource Group Fund
Eddy County Boy Scouts Fund

Eddy County Fair Association Building Fund
Elks Charity Fund
Elks Education Fund
Emergency Disaster Relief Fund
Energy Advisory Board Fund
ESA Milo Fund
Fine Arts Committee Fund
Fire Department Training, Education, and Special Events Fund
Firefighters Challenge Fund
First United Methodist Church Fund

Fourth of July Fund
Foundation Support Fund
Fred H. and Bertha K. Farrell Memorial Fund
Friends of North Mesa Senior Recreation Center Fund
Friends of the Living Desert Fund
Friends of the Public Library Fund
Friends of Walter Gerrells Civic Center Fund
Friendship Park Fund
Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest Capital Fund
Habitat for Humanity – Carlsbad Fund
Halagueno Arts Park Demand Fund
Health Clinic NMSU Fund
Health Education Coalition Fund
Health Planning – Health Initiative Fund
Heritage Park Fund
Inspired by Science Fund
Intrepid Potash Scholarship Fund
Jim White Memorial Fund
Jonah’s House Fund
Literacy Program Fund
Los Alamos Employees Scholarship Fund
March for Parks Fund
Martin Luther King Memorial Fund
Mayor’s Beautification Committee Fund
Mayor’s Energy Summit Fund
Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Fund
Multimedia Group Scholarship Fund
Museum Amigos Fund
Nana’s Fire and Safety School Fund
National Environmental Education Week Fund
NMSU-C Nurse Scholarship Fund
NMSU-C Provost’s Development Fund
Noah’s Ark Fund
Packs for Hunger Fund
Partners in Education Fund
Pecos River Committee Fund
Potash Park & Museum Fund
Project Life Saver Fund

Queen Up the Guads Fund
River Building Recreation Center Fund
Riverblitz Fund
Riverwalk and Special Projects Fund
Rotary Centennial Project Fund
Sandia Labs Charity Fund
SENM Roadway Safety Integrated Project Fund
Skate Park Committee Fund
Stop the Bleed Fund
Transitional Housing Fund
Veteran Cemetery Fund
Veterans Memorial Park Fund
Veterans Transportation Fund
Weaver Demand Fund