The Foundation’s 2021 Highlights

July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021

We are always so thankful to our generous donors and community partners who come together and lend a helping hand in the community. Without you none of these achievements would be possible. Here is a behind the scenes glimpse of just some of the Foundation’s work. We truly mean it when we say we are “Better Together!

  • Awarded a grant to the Carlsbad Community Anti-Drug/Gang Coalition in support of the Carlsbad Police Department’s K9 Program.

    A change in the law to legalize marijuana in New Mexico has left the Carlsbad Police Department without a key part of their efforts to remove illegal drugs from our streets. The current dogs can no longer be used to enforce state laws, so they will have to be retired or transferred to another jurisdiction.
  • Awarded 139 scholarships to local students totaling more than $175,000
  • Supported 19 local nonprofits with grants totaling more than $60,000 through the Chevron Catalyst Grant Program. Chevron established the fund at the Foundation in 2016 and each year since 2018, the Foundation has awarded grants in support of diverse charitable needs in the community.
  • Awarded more than $28,000 in grants in support of the Carlsbad Museum’s efforts to obtain some of the first oil paintings ever in the Carlsbad Caverns.  The historically significant works were created by Will Shuster, who was led in the caves by Jim White.  A public dedication ceremony is pending.
  • Completed first competitive grant process from the Benjamin P. Duke Memorial Endowment Fund with support for three local organizations that support animals, domestic or wild, totaling more than $20,000
  • Benefactors Arch and Neldea Slate established the first endowment for the new community college, named the Dr. Neldea Slate Fund for SENMC
  • Foundation held its first Community Giving Week, which included grants to 11 local nonprofits and the first matching opportunity in nearly 35 years
  • Awarded a grant to Carlsbad Lifehouse, which bought Villa de Esperanza and the old Landsun Health Services Center building and is expanding the mental health services available in the community
  • Awarded the first-ever grant from the Skyler M. Garringer Memorial Fund of $5,000 to Lakeview Christian Home for the purchase of personal protective equipment. Also in the year, partnered with ConocoPhillips to provide an additional grant to Lakeview Christian Home for that critical purpose.
  • Partnered with Nuclear Waste Partnership and Devon Energy to provide training to 15 nonprofit organizations.  The 40-hour training was made possible through a grant from the Burba, Cole & Overstreet LLC Charity Fund.
  • Partnered with NWP to recognize First Responders during National First Responder Week
  • Joined numerous other donors in supporting the “Greetings from Carlsbad” mural that was recently added to Downtown Carlsbad at the corner of Canyon and Stevens Streets.
  • Served, once again, as the fiscal sponsor for the Carlsbad Mayor’s Energy Summit Committee.  Due to the pandemic the summit was held virtually this year and the speeches were live-streamed from the Foundation’s Web site
  • Thanks to funding from All Together NM, the Foundation awarded a second round of grants to organizations combatting hunger in the area